AKC English Springer Spaniels 

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The Brinkley family welcomes you to our website featuring our Springer family of six adult female Springers, one adult male Springer and of course their offspring on the "Puppies" page.

We have been living with Springers now for over 20 years.   We love the breed and believe you will to if you have not already experienced the character, temperament and nature of this wonderful dog.



Why AKC English Springer Spaniels for your family;

1. What a great looking animal! 
With those big eyes and floppy ears you will never never get tired of reaching down and holding that face between your hands admiring this wonderful pet that has become a part of your family.  The combination of liver and white or black and white is pleasing to the eye as well.  

2. The Springer temperant is perfect for a family companion!  
Our children have been raised with our Springers.  We know first hand that Springers make a great family pet.  They are not a hyper dog like some breeds.  However, when you are ready to play, they are ready to go.  Springers love to fetch, run, walk, wrestle and yes when you are ready to settle down and watch T.V. , they will too.  They are a breed that loves to please and enjoys your company as much as you will enjoy theirs.

3.  A Medium size dog is just right!
Of course we are bias but we believe if you have a dog for companionship and you live in a house - they should too!  If that is the case, the medium size is a favorable situation.  If you have a large dog you are dealing with an animal that can get in the way at times.  If you have small dog, how do you wrestle around and not be afraid of hurting it or even stepping on it.  Ok, yes, yes we are bias and have enjoyed the size of the Springers for many years.  It just feels rights for both a dog that enjoys the outdoors and the indoors.  One more thing you should not overlook, the Springer tail is docked by our Vet at four days old.  You will never have to worry about your dog wagging that tail and knocking things over on the coffee table.  However the good news their is still enought to see that little tail wag when you call their name.
Every family derserves the joy of having these wonderful canines has a member of the family.  Each of our puppies come with a one year health guarantee.  They are well socialized for the home environment because they are raised in a family environment.  At four days they are checked by our Veterinarian and again at six weeks.  The first shots are given by the same Veterinarian at six weeks with a full examination of each puppy.  Every litter is raised in our home.  Each puppy, on a rotation basis, is hold and loved by our two children.  Play areas indoors and outdoors are cleaned at least twice daily and even more as needed. Call for an appointment to come by and see for yourself our beautiful, healthy springers.  Contract information is on the "Contact" page.
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